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Pest Prevention


The successful management of pests requires an understanding of the target pest ecology and habits.
With our pest prevention services, it is the aim of our professional technicians to undertake a program of Integrated Pest Management in the treatment of pest problems.

Pestkill's Actions

Physical control methods such as fly screens; physical means of proofing for birds, rodents or physical means of pest detection, such as trapping, can sometimes be a more effective and appropriate means of pest control in gaining long term control over a particular pest infestation.

Environmental control methods of pest control such as improving ventilation, improving hygiene and sanitation measures to reduce the risk of cockroach infestation should always be undertaken, where possible, to make conditions less favourable.

Chemical control of pests, while often necessary, should be undertaken cautiously using the correctly licensed  pesticide and means of application to minimise any risk to human, animal or plant life.

The safest and most effective pest prevention services combine the use of more than one of the above measures, where possible, to make the environment less suited to the survival of pests.

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