Pest control for Facilities Management

Pestkill; trusted, innovative and integrated pest control.

Pestkill know the impact pests can have for facilities managers.

At Pestkill we value the trust placed in us by our clients.

Pest infestation can be an unexpected fast track to loss of client trust.

Effective pest control is essential for meeting diverse facilities management goals including:    

Pestkill also know that pest control is just one of your competing concerns.

We have built our systems to accommodate the complex needs of facilities management clients working across multiple clients and multiple sites.

We are an industry leader in mobile data collection, which proves the job is being done according to the correct procedure in the right place, at the right time.

Our sophisticated reporting capabilities and online portal are designed to shorten lines of communication, integrate with your systems and minimise your admin.

Pestkill know how to be part of your team

We understand that you rely upon clear information, timely communication and partners who deliver on their promises.

We know that being part of a team means pro-actively reporting not just the current situation but also potential issues before they arise, we understand that you can’t be everywhere at once we’re glad to be another set of eyes and ears.

We know that its not just a matter of having it covered, you need the ability to verify and prove that its covered in order to enjoy peace of mind.
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