Washroom Facilities

Sanitary disposal bins

Provide your washroom cubicles with one of our manual, or ultra hygienic automatic, no touch sanitary disposal bins. Available in two different sizes to suit your requirements, the feminine hygiene bins are designed to fit neatly along side the toilet. We will perform a regular scheduled visit to your premises. To service your feminine hygiene disposal bins on each visit to ensures a constantly high level of hygiene is maintained within your washroom.

Fragrance dispensers

Our comprehensive offer of fragrances ranges from fruity scents to light florals, rich coffee to fresh baby powder, complemented by a range of dispensers, allowing you select the perfect fragrance and dispensing option for each individual application.

Soap dispensers

A range of robust soap dispensers, ideal for high traffic environments.

Automatic hand driers

Available in a choice of white plastic or tough brushed stainless steel, each offers a number of easy to service features as well as a choice of sizes. Available in white plastic, brushed stainless steel and white metal finishes, this range of high quality, reliable automatic hand dryers offers great value for money.

Virtual Janitor

The Virtual Janitor system attacks foul odours at source using antimicrobial agents to kill bacteria growth within urinal pipes. The built in metered fragrance is dispensed to ensure that washrooms are continually fragranced. The choice of chrome and white units fit perfectly with a 30 or 60 day service cycle.

Chemical sleeves

Chemical sleeves can be used with any cleaning agents, making them an easy add-on to washroom servicing, whilst ensuring that urinals stay fresh smelling and pipes remain clear of blockages. The significant water savings that this product can offer when combined with the timed urinal controller, alongside the strong citrus fragrance have made this a firm favourite with customers.

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