Insect Control

Wasps, ants, booklice, fleas, weevils & textile insects


Appearance: Yellow and black, up to 30mm in length, pointed body with pinched waist, they have two sets of wings, the forewings longer than the rear, they make a distinct buzzing sound when in flight.

How do they affect me? The main problem with these insects is that they can give a nasty sting, this has been known to prove fatal in certain circumstances where the recipient has had a severe allergic reaction and makes insect control for wasps essential.

Garden Ants

Appearance: The worker garden ant is 3-5mm in length, dark brown to black, the queen is slightly lighter in colour and about 12mm in length, ants have a pinched neck and waist.

How do they affect me? These are mainly a nuisance pest invading foods, they can create trails of worker ants across worktops or walls possibly spreading germs, they will also dig out sand between patios and leave it deposited in unsightly piles.

Pharaoh’s Ants

Appearance: These ants are a similar shape to the garden ant but much smaller and paler.

How do they affect me? These ants are usually found in warm damp areas such as basements with heating ducts and boilers, kitchens near the ovens, the nests are found in cracks and crevices, again they can spread germs by walking across kitchen and sterile surfaces. You should not try to control these with ordinary insecticide.

Textile Insects

Textile pests prefer to feed on woollen goods but may damage many other kinds of fabric, Textile insects can digest the protein Keratin, which is the principle constituent of wool, other animal furs and feathers.

There are many insect pests which require control and elimination services, so get in touch if you have an insect problem or infestation.


Appearance: 1-2mm in length, almost transparent – yellowish brown usually wingless but occasional species have 2 pairs of membranous wings.

How do they affect me? Booklice are harmless to humans, but can cause damage by feeding on delicate materials such as books and fur, they will also contaminate raw processed foods such as cereals or nuts. They develop more successfully in warm damp conditions or places of high humidity.


Appearance: Adult fleas are between 1-3mm in length and brownish red in colour, their bodies are compressed from side to side. The hind legs of a flea are relatively large and can be used to jump heights of up to 16cm.

How do they affect me? Fleas usually live on the host animal but can be found in animal bedding, carpets and soft furnishings. Flea bites to humans persist for one to two days and can be intensely irritating.

Stored product insects

These insects are commonly associated with the stored or processed commodities in which they feed, the insects of stored products comprise of a large number of species, some live on specific foods to which they are adapted, e.g. grain weevils on whole cereals, but most are capable of living on a range of different foods.

The extent and type of damage caused varies from nuisance proportions to major loss. Damage is caused by both adult and larval stages of beetles and mites but only larval stages of moths.

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